IIA Consulting

Independent Insurance Advisors, Inc. is an insurance consulting firm based in the Philadelphia metropolitan area that objectively evaluates and advises companies about their insurance programs. Because we are fee-based and don't rely on commissions from any broker or insurer, we can provide impartial and independent advice.

We don't conform your exposures to fit an insurance policy; we write specifications to make the coverage fit you.

Did You Know...

Directors and Officers are having their feet held to the fire as a result of Sarbanes-Oxley?

Employee, customer, and vendor discrimination suits are not typically covered by general liability policies?

Many unfavorable clauses in contracts and leases can be removed through negotiation?
4 Reasons to Re-Evaluate your current Insurance Plan:
1. You think you are paying too much for your coverage.

2. You fear your current coverage will be inadequate in the even of a loss.

3. You have had trouble with the resolution of a claim.

4. You have an insurance problem that needs a solution.
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