Consulting Services

Outsource Services

IIA is equipped to handle all of your insurance needs – acting effectively as your company’s outsourced insurance department. We provide an insurance professional and support team to work directly with owners and management, ensuring a seamless integration between your company and ours. Throughout the policy period, we will be your main point of contact for coverage issues, billing concerns, audits, claims, changes to your policies, or any problems that should arise.

Insurance Services

If you already have an insurance team in place, we will perform a detailed audit that verifies your current policies are adequate, or that results in a marketing process designed to secure better coverage and/or prices. Because of our extensive experience in the field, we know where to find the brokers that will offer the most comprehensive coverage at the most affordable premiums.

Liability Services

In today’s highly litigious society, coverages such as D&O and E&O have become essential – not only in protecting the assets of a company, but also in protecting the personal assets of its executives. In addition to advising our clients on the more traditional lines of insurance, our team is also very knowledgeable in dealing with these more specialized types of coverage. In collaborating with one of the most well-known, privately-owned executive risk firms in the US, we at IIA offer our clients the most innovative and competitive products available in the marketplace. Whether your company is public, non-profit, or middle market private, we will tailor these complex policies to your unique vulnerabilities.

Expert Witness Services

Because of our extensive knowledge and experience in the insurance industry, we often act as an expert witness in cases regarding denial of claims, errors and omissions, fraudulent claims, and many other insurance-related matters. Please do not hesitate to call us if you are in search of such a witness.
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